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Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah; Celebrating 30+ Years of Distinguished Service to the Fields of Neurophysiology & Biophysics

Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah is proud to announce that he is celebrating more than 30 years of distinguished service to the Fields of Neurophysiology & Biophysics. As a Physiology and Cell Biology professor at the Communication Science Program at the University of Nevada’s Reno School of Medicine, Dr. Yamoah has had the pleasure of seeing many […]

Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah

Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah Remarks on the Importance of Platforming Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

Where others in academia have abused the recent interest in platforming minorities in STEM and other areas, Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah has worked hard with organizations and individuals to promote diversity and ensure minorities of all backgrounds are represented in professor positions as well as class positions. In early August, neuroscientist BethAnn McLaughlin was discovered to have created […]